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Solving the most complex technical problems for the enterprise and beyond


What we Do

Specializing in enterprise and open source DevOps toolchains. We’d love to build a plan to take you from where you are, to where you want to be. We are partners with the top providers of enterprise and open source DevOps management tools. We develop software solutions for any integration point, on any platform including support for all computing architectures, legacy infrastructure and modern applications.

Accelerate cloud operations

Maximize your development velocity

Increase efficiency from build to test to deploy

Integrate multiple platforms and architectures with ease

Develop software at superluminal speeds

Migration of data & applications to/from any systems on any platform

Staff Augmentation

We provide a combination of on-site and off-site staff augmentation services to our customers, depending on the need.

We are aligned with most major partners, like IBM and are able to quickly align with your organization no matter what the size. We can ramp up, staff your project, solve your technical issues in an impressive time-frame. Our project managers are extremely technical and are all previous engineers. We’re able to engage your team on a deep technical level and get the important things accomplished quickly. Connect with us and see how we work!

Over 20+ years experience with:

Financial sector, Gaming, Pharmaceutical, Insurance, Fleet Management, Cloud migration, Software companies, Entertainment/Hollywood, Telecom, Open source.

We Love to untie and organize the software and system knots that torment and control your

Project based services

Cloud-based dashboards

After hours support

Managed environments



Recent Jobs

Senior Clear Case Administrator – Remote


This position is to provide configuration management services. The SCM will create development builds and deliver code to high level test environments and Production. They will create iterative code r

uDeploy/uBuild/Velocity Devops Engineer


DevOps engineer with Urban Code Build/Deploy/Velocity Epic Force, LLC is looking for a DevOps engineer to engage in a 3 to 6 month project with our customer, a major US bank. Our customer has a set of

User Experience Engineer

Location:Framingham, MA

We are in the process of maturing our platform from a POC designed to support multiple sales engagements to a robust production ready system. As a User Experience Engineer, you will architect and impl

Machine Vision Engineer

Location:Framingham, MA or Princeton, NJ

We are looking for knowledge and experience, but above all care about character and cultural fit. Responsibilities: Develop machine vision algorithms and solutions Develop performance testing and vali

Lab Technician

Location:Framingham, MA

We’re looking for energetic lab technicians who want to be part of a critical and growing chemical lab and engineering team. This role is an exciting opportunity to get involved with an early-stage

Full Stack Engineer

Location:Framingham, MA

Your Impact We are in the process of maturing our platform from a POC designed to support multiple sales engagements to a robust production ready system. As a Full Stack Engineer you will be instrumen