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Anthill Pro to IBM Urban Code Build (uBuild) Migration Tool

Anthill Pro to IBM Urban Code Build (uBuild) Migration Tool is a Java Swing application designed to be run from any network location that has access to both the Anthill and target IBM Urban Code Build servers. The tool doesn’t require to run on the Anthill Pro or the IBM Urban Code Build server.

  • Multi-threaded, large instances can be migrated quickly; the level of parallelization is configurable.  You can queue up as many jobs as you want and it will work through them.
  • Migrates originating Workflows, complex and simple (i.e. ones with parallel tasks, iterations, triggers, etc.). Even things not supported by UCB’s API, we support.
  • Best-effort is made by the tool to utilize UCB’s templating structure, and to re-use jobs and the different kinds of templates in IBM Urban Code Build.
  • All steps that map from Anthill Pro to IBM Urban Code Build  in some intelligent way (the majority of steps), we are seeking 100% compatibility and we’re very close to achieving that.  For steps that don’t map over (usually because it is something IBM Urban Code Build doesn’t support), we flag it and make it easy to track down what the problem is. Most workflows will be able to run immediately once migrated.
  • Extremely easy to use, errors and warnings are written as intelligent as possible, and a log is produced from the migration which can be sent to use for review.

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