After much work, blood, sweat and tears we are pleased to announce the public release of Leroy.

Leroy is a software deployment engine for all platforms written entirely in C++ with Boost and is completely free to use for commercial and non-commercial use under the creative commons license. Leroy was created to provide a free option for companies and small projects to build application deployment automation for their projects, expressed in a simple xml format which is intended to be versioned in a code repository, allowing us to treat the deployment itself as a versioned component.

Leroy also provides a complete configuration management solution, allowing you to build text based configurations for an unlimited environments using a templatized model and sharing properties with Leroy itself.

Leroy can easily be integrated into any build system like Jenkins, Team City or Apache Continuum since it is all command line based and requires two arguments to deploy, (workflow and environment).

Leroy is stable and being used in large corporate production environments as we speak. We invite the world to come and use Leroy and help us continue to make it better and better.