Services Offering

Staff Augmentation

  • on site
  • off site
We provide a combination of on-site and off-site staff augmentation services to our customers, depending on the need.


New customers are generally engaged face-to-face initially in order to determine the business needs and scope of the applications needing build and deployment automation. Our steam acts as part of your staff, on your network, using your email/IM, and attending meetings. We are online and ready for action around the clock.

Each full-time dedicated resource always has at least one backup, providing a highly available resource that doesn’t get sick or go on vacation, ever, without having to pay for multiple full-time employees. You print us to your code repository, and we come back with questions as we build a completely automated, componentized, and properly configured build and deployment process.

We then support these projects moving forward by building enhancements to the pre-deployment and post-deployment validations, adding environments,artifact-sets, etc. You make the software, we take care of the rest. We also deal with automating any other computing process, or installation and upgrade of vendor-based applications. Staff augmentation comes in the following forms:

  • 10 hour per week
  • 20 hour per week
  • 40 hour per week
  • Multiple resources in increments of 40 hour per week

Project based services

We provide project based services where a scope and deliverables are defined with a deadline and a flate rate,performing the same services as staff augmentation.

Cloud-based dashboards

  • Anthillpro
  • uDeploy
  • uBuild
  • uRelease
  • Jenkins
We provide hosted,cloud-based turn-key Urban Code solutions using our commercial license for the products and providing you with a web-based dashboard to build and deploy your application to your environments, inside or outside your firewall.

After hours support

We provide support for customers that have a need for Dev-Ops staff after-hours.24 hours 7 days per week, providing the same services as our staff augmentation.

Managed environments

We provide cloud-based environments ready to construct your build, dev, test, stage environments, regardless of how complex they may be. We can also provide production environments and complete architecture consultation.


We provide complete training services for the customer, keeping their dev-ops teams up to date with the latest processes and technology available. Since we work, with so many different customers, each customer benefits from the combined experience. we have a unique training method using desktop sharing and voice to teach almost any resource the required skills to manage build and deployment automation quickly.