What We Do

Simply put, we use multiple sources and our network of engineers to find the best candidates for your job. We are technology people that hire technology people; we do the leg work of screening for only the highest quality candidates, and we present them to you.

We are also available as consultants; if you have a job that needs to get done, but you’d like to leverage the 20+ years of experience Epic has in building software, we can do it for you. Let our highly experienced project management and software design experts work with you to get the best outcome.

Our Industry Focus

We are focused primarily on all forms of software and IT infrastructure. In particular, we have a lot of experience with hiring software developers, Cloud specialists, architects, and DevOps people.

Aside from that, we have worked with many major industries including health care, insurance, and banking. If you have specialty needs, such as consultants that can pass government clearance or that have certain citizenship requirements, we can help you out. Also, we’ve got experience hiring in other countries such as Canada and the UK.

We can provide both full time and contract candidates, or even contract to hire.


We follow industry-standard pricing guidelines that are negotiable. Our customers typically each have a different way they like to hire, so there is no one-size fits all pricing here. We’ll work to accommodate your budget and financial needs

Contact Us Today

Contact by email: stephen@epicforce.net
Or by phone: Stephen Conley 646.741.8496 x1111