We need a senior security architect with a strong application background
given that we are starting MVC3. MVC3 and other MVCs will be all about enablement for net new cloud native applications and support the application migration from on prem to azure. The details of MVC3 and associated backlog have not been defined yet. We plan the backlog in such a way that there will the right balance between architects.

Required skills:

  • Traditional Data Center Network with firewall understanding.
  • Understand of Azure DNS and Traditional DNS
  • Basic Subnetting, Network Layer topology (OSI Model)
  • Understand of Azure Network Security Groups, Load Balancers, Application Gateways
  • Understanding of Azure Design Architecture
  • Azure Security Center Features and Functionality
  • Backup and Disaster recovery Design, Architecture, Process, and Implementation
  • Cloud Native Alerting and Monitoring
  • For third party tool these skill sets are need:
  • RedLock Monitoring Design, Implementation, and Process
  • Guardium Database monitoring Design, Process and Implementation
  • Cyber Ark
  • Documentation Writing
  • VISIO Designs
  • SEIM Tools Process and Design