We are in the process of maturing our platform from a POC designed to support multiple sales engagements to a robust production ready system. As a User Experience Engineer, you will architect and implement an application that is intuitive to use and fast to iterate on. As part of the Software Engineering team, you will work closely with Product and UX to continually gain a more nuanced understanding of our customer’s needs, pain points, and goals through rapid prototyping (both on napkins and in code), while delivering value through the implementation of robust features and UIs. You will always be an advocate for the user, carrying their voice and your expertise into every engineering discussion.

We are looking for knowledge and experience, but above all care about character and cultural fit.

What You’ll Do

  • Deliver value to our customers by creating new features and iterating on existing ones
  • Drive efficiency through code modularity and reusability
  • Optimize app performance and user flows by identifying and alleviating bottlenecks
  • Collaborate as part of the engineering team to provide UX expertise
  • Ensure the end user is at the forefront of every discussion

What You Bring

  • 3+ years of experience building production-quality applications
  • 3+ years working as part of collaborative engineering, product, and design teams
  • A desire to understand, and ability to empathize with the end user
  • Suggestions of good lunch places for New Food Fridays

Our Stack

  • Python
  • React.js + Redux
  • Serverless framework
  • AWS (Lambda, DynamoDB, SNS, SQS, S3, Cognito)